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Becky here. Visual artist, crafty generalist, dance enthusiast. Non-tech program manager in a tech world by day. Welcome to my newsletter! I also have a blog. I’ve been writing there since 2005. Check it out for longer, topic-specific posts, pandemic diaries, the burning bridges series about all the day jobs I’ve had over the past 25 years, etc. Stay here and subscribe for a (sometimes bi)weekly list of things I’m digging in the categories of art & stuff.

Here’s my elevator pitch: there are lots of creative newsletters written by creatively successful people, but how about a few field notes from the land of failure? That may be just what’s missing in your life. Can’t promise there won’t be the occasional vegan or mountain biking related post. And stuff about being a working parent artist.

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P.S. Curious about the title of this newsletter? Read this post.

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[The newsletter is on hiatus during NOvember.] .In a world of doves, I'll always feel like a lost pigeon. Sharing in this weekly newsletter a smattering of links and reflections on art & stuff that I hope you'll find as inspiring as I do.


Rebecca Bird Grigsby

visual artist, crafty generalist, dance enthusiast